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internal flooring, fireplaces & staircases

Internal Flooring, Fireplaces & Staircases

Natural stone has always been used internally as wall linings, flooring and staircases. Portland stone is ideal for this application due to its beautiful neutral colour. ASR have installed Portland stone into busy commercial offices, prestigious private houses and small country cottages.

Natural stone as flooring is very durable as long as it is laid and prepared correctly. With our knowledge and experience we can advise on the location of movement joints, grouting and any under-floor heating requirements.

As wall linings, natural stone can be adhered to the walls as tiles, or as a unit similar to an external cladding structure. We can advise on what is best for your specific project needs.

The popularity of natural stone cantilever staircases has increased in recent years. We can assist with the design stages of staircases ensuring that these complex stones are manufactured and fixed in a cost effective manner.

We offer a range of bespoke fire surrounds and hearths for any fireplace: open, wood or gas. We can advise on the design of your surround and will manufacture and fix the stone surrounds in a cost effective way.

Once we have completed the stone installation we are happy to advise on the future maintenance of your stone and discuss the pros and cons of sealing or impregnation of internal  stonework.

Internal Flooring, Fireplaces & Staircases