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Portland Stone building restoration and repairs

Dorset is blessed with a wealth of beautiful natural stone buildings, and whilst most of these require little work to the durable stone, repair and restoration is required from time to time. It is very important that experienced professionals are employed to carry out the task of stone restoration. ASR are very experienced in stone repair and restoration, and find that much of our work is repairing or replacing poor quality restoration attempts.

Our site team are happy to visit each project, assess the current stonework, and then discuss the most appropriate repair and restoration plan.

We work to; consider the sustainability and durability of the existing stonework, study the extent of the material decay, and preserve existing stonework where possible.

Our stonemasons have experience working with all types of restoration.
Previous projects include repair and restoration of traditional stone cottages, and Listed buildings for government departments and private clients in Dorset.

Portland stone town wall, key side steps and chimney